New i7 Build Ordering Tommorow

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  1. ASUS P6T -$50
    EVga GTX 260/216 SC -$130 and a pretty good match for a 1680x1050 monitor. Add a 2nd when you can afford it.
    Corsair 750TX -$20 plenty of power for 2x 260 GTX
    XIGMATEK Dark Knight 1366 CPU cooler -$30
  2. What are you needs and wants for this build? Gaming it looks like?

    I'd stick with the 285 that you have up there.
    I would change the board to the ASUS P6t noted above.

    Unless you plan on overclocking you probally can get away with the stock heatsink & Fan.
  3. Hello,

    Sorry yes the system will be used for gaming mainly as I'm playing aion at the moment.

    I also do a lot of web work if there was any other 22" monitor you could recommend over the Samsung. I would be open to suggestions.
  4. It's a beautiful build but i'm slightly biased :P. I like sticking w/ the 285 will cover anything you throw at a 22" monitor and will eliminate the need to SLI in the future. That being said you can downgrade the PSU to something more in the range of one 285.
  5. Yeh i was thinking of keeping the psu tho since i plan on adding more hds and dvd drives at a later date.
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