Now U See it, Now U Don't ??

Just fired up my new system for the first time and my 2 DVD/CD writers don't functionor appear in the BIOS most of the time. Trying to install Win 7 but can't. In the BIOS, one time I reboot one of the drives will appear under storage devices and will also appear as a bootable drive, the next time I reboot it doesn't appear at all. Its been a few years since I built a system from scratch, I must be forgetting to do something, I just can't remember what it is and its killing me. Any help out there??? The burners are LiteOn iHAS424-98 As with SATA interface. My Mb is a ASRock 890FX Deluxe 3.

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  1. Try to just one drive the DVD checked the sata cable and the power cable, when you turn on the computer make sure the drive light is lit. Go to the BIOS it should be detected, if not get another sata cable and connect it to that drive, if still not detected try connecting it to another sata port.

    Better will get another computer's drive that work, including the sata cable, if this drive won't be detected at all then it is not the drive but your computer.
  2. Thanks but after some more trouble shooting I figured it out. I was really trying to streamline my cable usage and it seems that I was trying to get to much out of one of the rails from my PSU. When I connected a separate cable from the PSU to the 2 DVD drives they worked and posted in the Bios as they should have. I was trying to run 2 HDDs, 2 Writers, a 140mm case fan and the eSata connection on top of my CM 690 Advanced II case frim a single cable from the PSU, I never did the math, just assumed it could handle it, I guess I was wrong.

    Thanks again.
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