New system bluescreens (ethernet crash)

The problem I have is that I just built this new system a few days ago and it has been running solid. This morning, the computer was idling and had a blue screen. The windows report said that it was the ethernet that crashed. I remember reading that my motherboard gets a little warmer than most and realized the south bridge is *directly under* the 4870. Could this problem be my pc over heating?

I got speedfan and it says:
temp 1 = 35 celsius
temp 2 = 45 celsius
temp 3 = 80 celsius

I am going out on a limb and guessing that 80 celsius is pretty high. That is about where my macbook pro gets before rebooting itself as well.

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? The case has 4 more mount points for 140mm fans (taking the total to 7). Should I put one everywhere?

AMD 2.7 kuma
gigabyte ma770 ud3 board
radeon 4870 1g
4 gigs 1066 memory
640 gig seagate hdd
cooler master 690 mid tower
OCZ stealthstream 600w

Windows Vista Business SP1

There are three fans in the system- a side 120, a back 120, and a front 120.
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  2. Does that mean it is my processor? Speedfan says my core temp is 29 celsius.
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