External eSata Hdd drops/disappears after inactivity

I have this WD 1TB external HDD that I'm running through eSata for about a year now.
For the last few months however the drive would get slow and disappear. I would have to shutdown. unpower, power on the drive, and boot up again for the drive to appear.
I know this happens when the drive is inactive for some amount of time (20-30mins).
All motherboard drivers, and bios are updated.

As of right now, I keep the drive from being inactive by seeding a torrent at 1Kb/s.

Any solutions? Or should I get a new drive?
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  1. What model is it? WD's warranties for external drives are anywhere from 1-5 years. If it's only a year old, I would try and send it in for repair.
  2. Did you check your power options in windows -change advanced power settings then under Hard disk, turn off hard disk after set this to zero. Also check the BIOS settings for this.
  3. 1. I bought it a Costco, I would just a new one if I needed.
    2. Power settings for both Windows and BIOS are set to not turn off HDD.
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