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I am running a Lenovo S10-2 with XP. Every time I restart the PC, the screen resolution drops to the lowest setting with 4 colours. Sometimes when I try to change the resolution, the PC will not accept it (I can see the setting, but it will not apply it). I have run Driver Detective and updated most of my drivers. Any suggestions?

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  1. did you update the graphics card driver?

    what is shown under graphics adapters in device manager?
  2. I can't see a graphics card driver. The devises (that I think might be relevant) include:
    * Display adapters - Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
    * Monitors - Plug and Play Monitor
    * Sound, vido and game controllers - Realtek High Definition Audio

    Thanks for you help
  3. yeah that's not a display adapter that's your mother board. I'm guessing it's trying to tell you that you're using a built in intel GMA or similar.

    What processor do you have?

    Also, right click on the desktop > properties > settings (last tab) > advanced > adapter > properties

    try updating drivers for that device

    also, go here
    check if there's graphics drivers for your model
  4. Thanks AnitZig for your help. I think I have solved the problem by unistalling the driver first, then reinstalling it.

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