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Are my OZC duel channel ram sticks compatable with my new XFX motherboard? Will having duel channel sticks plugged in in single channel format cause my computer to not work? I have an XFX ATXmicro intel board w/ GeForce 9300 onboard and core 2 duo prossessor... i have 2x(1Gb) OZC reaper DDR2 800 duel channel ram... i wasnt familar with Duel vs. Single channel opperation when i put this computer together but after a little research i think my ram sticks are in the wrong slots for duel channel opperation... How important is this? Will the computer still opperate in a single channel mode or do duel channel sticks HAVE to be plugged in the duel channel slots... the computer boots up, sees my drives, and i can get into the bios, but it wont allow me to install my Windows OS... Sometimes it will start to install and then just quits, sometimes it randomly restarts itself during install, and once it blue screened with a video card error message... because my graphics are onboard and i have no aftermarket card installed, this confused me... i cant install the drivers for the board until i have an OS working, right? could this be a problem with my Ram not being compatible with the board or being plugged in the wrong slots or did i get a bad motherboard?... if anyone can help it would be much appriciated, thank you
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