Store Server Cabinet in Garage?

Hey all,
I'm putting together a few rackmount servers and I purchased a pretty nice server cabinet. Has anyone had any experience with keeping their cabinet in the garage with their servers loaded? I don't foresee having more than 10 servers in it any time soon.

What issues do I need to consider in doing this?

Joe Z
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  1. What temperature and humidity extremes do you have in the garage? What kind of power regulation will you be using?
  2. I'm in FL, so temps can probably reach 85-90 in the garage, and high humidity. For now just 110, but eventually I'd get it wired for 220.
  3. Humidity and High Temps are prolly really bad. I'm not an expert on server hardware but that's not good for any pc. Do you have a basement?
  4. I wouldn't. Temperature fluctuations are hard on everything, but it is especially bad for hard drives. Also, adequate cooling could be a challenge with those ambient temps.
  5. Yep. Most garages are not climate controlled. Really bad idea of putting a rack of computer gear in a Florida garage.
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