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Ocz vertex 2 60gb

should i get this because its only 114.99 with the rebate or wait till black friday and cyber monday. do you think the prices will go down?
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  1. I've doing a ton of research on SSD prices and I think the Vertex is the best deal for a 60GB right now. Hard to say about black Friday, I guess if you don't mind waiting it's worth checking it out.
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    If you have no issue waiting till Midnight on BF (2 weeks) I am sure at least 1 SSD will be $1 a GB. Personally unless I can buy at that price point I am waiting for the next gen. This year should have some good sales for the simple fact people are buying less. Go look at Neweggs "poll" 50% are buying less so usually they will tempt us harder to make their quarter :)

    Sure it will saturate my SATA2 board but with Vertex you never get the speeds on the box on compressed data so on a SATA3 drive I should get SATA2 capped numbers on compressed data. Most Vertex 2 users I know get 200mb read/170mb write. Which is not bad but I wont upgrade for 2-3 years so I want a drive that gives me full performance :) That to me is worth waiting 2-3 months.
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