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This may have been done before but lets have some new views.

The cooler you would choose for an OC'd i7 950.

The tower coolers will have 2 fans attached, push pull.

Can anyone confirm the number of fan clips shipped with the Megahalems?

Any comments on the advantage of the black plated ones or any other 1st hand info worth knowing.

Please don't post me links to reviews, I'm more interested in user feedback.

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  1. What oc do you want?

    H50/H70 are entry levels, but performance the same or not better that some High end cooler like Silver arrow or NH-D14.

    From those I'd go with the Venomous X

    Regarding the Megahalems, comes with four, two installed two for additional fan.
  2. 4ghz+, don't want the huge coolers.

    Is that Ven X black or silver?

  3. Venomous X black looks more sexy :) and performs a little better
  4. Venomous X - Doest matter plain or black; though black looks awesome...
  5. From what I've read the Ven X black performs the same as the silver one.

    Is it purely the look that you pay the extra for?

    I also read that it makes the cooler fins more durable.

    Is it right that you can attach 2x140mm fans to the VenX?

    Seems the black ed lists the 140mm fan clips but the silver one doesn't?? Anyone know??
  6. They both perform the same... i dunno about the fins being more durable due to the black coat...

    But the major difference would be around $7 price difference, AM2/AM3 mounting kits shipped default with the black but additional to the normal venomous X, black also coming with extra 140mm fan clips apart from the normal 120mm...

    In the end i guess the $7 price difference is justified... the AMD mounting kit alone is $10...
  7. Thanks for the info. Yeah the price dif is about £5 over here.

    Just found the Silver Arrow for £53 which is only £7 more than the Ven X but does come with all the fans.

    Who would take this over the Ven X and would it be ok on my P6X58D-E with low heatsink ram??

    I've read its a bit of a beast.
  8. I'd go with the Silver Arrow, performs pretty similar to NH-D14 but it's more new.

    You will not have any problem with the silver arrow and low profile RAM.
  9. And its blue like my board but...its a monster.

    The Ven X doesn't seem to be too far back on cooloing power and is quite a bit lighter than the Arrow.

    Decisions, decisions. :pt1cable:
  10. I liked the looks of the VX black.

  11. Yeah that is nice, what fans did you use?

    How did you find the fitting with the new pressure bracket?

    I'm wondering about the i7 950, some place I read its a hot runner and others say all i7's run cool?.
  12. Looks a lot similar to Venomous X :)...
  13. Its taller and apparently cools better than the Silver Arrow.

    Its down to the Silver Arrow or the Ven X Black for me.

    The Silver Arrow is probably the better deal as for £7 you get the fans supplied and it would be colour coded with my mobo.

    Just something about that Ven X Black, its lighter and has the improved fixing bracket.
  14. beanoslim said:
    Yeah that is nice, what fans did you use?

    How did you find the fitting with the new pressure bracket?

    I'm wondering about the i7 950, some place I read its a hot runner and others say all i7's run cool?.

    I have two of these PWM Deltas on mine. I really like the new mounting hardware compared to the previous versions.

    The Bloomfield cpu's do generate quite a bit of heat specially once you get over 4gig.

  15. So you are using 2 113CFM fans @1.36v and your cpu is hitting 80C!!

    How ever loud is it when those babies rev up, I couldn't cope with all that noise.

    I was getting a couple of Enermax 70CFM @18db fans for it but after seeing the temps your getting I'm not sure.
  16. @1.368 Vcore... thats pretty high load temps for that volt... did the test run its full course??? whats the max temp you reached???
  17. Quote:

    Are you actually saying you would take the Frio over the Silver Arrow and the Ven X Black?

    Would you care to elaborate? :whistle:
  18. Over here the Frio is £10 cheaper than the VenX without fans and £17 cheaper than the Arrow with fans.

    Doesn't seem to cool as well as the others from what I've seen, still a good cooler but also a bit loud.
  19. Which one?

    What would you pick for my OC'd 950 then with no budget restrictions??
  20. GT AP-14 or AP-15
  21. Quote:
    how big you want it, what is the case and motherboard.?
    blowing straight up or fan on the side.?

    Asus P6X58D-E, haven't decided on case yet like the Corsair Obsidian 800D but thats a whole other poll. :lol:
    Plus that case is pricey but seeing as the case I am finally replacing after 6 years, a Silverstone cost me nearly £100 back then if it lasts me another 6 years its only £35 per year. :na:

    I want serious cooling power, quiet operation and something that doesn't look like a brick (DH14) or like it belongs in a kids toy box (Arrow). Thats what I like about the VenX, good cooling power, looks smart and good fitting system.

    @saint - Aren't they fans?
  22. Yeah.
  23. Yeah, its a bit bashed up and dated, only 1x120mm intake and 1x120mm exhaust, but its a sturdy beast.

    Not overly keen on the newer Silverstones or anything that looks like an aliens head and I want a black interior.

    Yeah quiet fans, the Frios fans are rated at 41db the Arrows 18db...quiet. :D

    I guess you are thinking water cooling??

    @saint - What are they for?? The VenX?
  24. Those can fit on any cooler that use 120mm fans.
  25. Yeah same sort of graphite black finish as mine, can you add fans to the side grill?What does cross flow do?
    This is my current case -

    Thought about modding, seen some nice examples with side panels and extra front fan where drives go, like this -

    But I just couldn't be arsed basically, maybe I should and spray the interior black.
  26. Changed my mind, think I want this now, not sure about cable management though.
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