Corsair HX Series 750 and gigabyte aurora


I am planning to upgrade my graphics card to EVGA GTX 275, I need to upgrade my PSU and found this to be appealing, is it an over kill or does it look like a fairly priced PSU
Also for anyone with aurora casing, I have the normal version of the case, will it fit the 275 GTX and the PSU

My specs are

Mother board: P965-DS3
Ram: 2x2 gb @ 800
Hard Drives: 1 Tb + 4x250 gb
CPU: E6750
GPU: 275 GTX

I might upgrade in the future to an i7 system or wait until something new from AMD or intel comes out, until then I might OC my CPU a little to cover up the bottle neck

thanks for the help
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  1. One of the best PSU's out in the market today.
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