260 GTX question....

So my 260 of course has two dvi outs and one s video out....

Is it possible to use a dvi to vga adapter on each of my dvi outs(not that it should matter)...so i can use my vga only monitors and at the same time hook up the s video to my other monitor/tv at the same time and have three monitors up and running?

Its probably been answered...couldn't find anything :sweat:

And can this be done with the monitors able to act as extended desktops? not that much of a use with just an extra cloned signal...
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  1. yes you can
  2. I think so, but I don't think you can use the three monitors for a single picture. They will display the same thing, I guess.
  3. hmmm il just have to see at this point....need to buy another div to vga adapter....psu is coming the 30th :o
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