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CD/DVD drive issues

Hello,i think my disc drive have gone haywire as it sometimes detects disc and sometimes it doesn't and i can't burn audio music etc anymore,i tried some of the troubleshooting methods etc found in some threads on this site and it don't seem to work so i think i should buy a new disc drive.

Can anyone recommend a decent disc drive? I'll be burning a lot of photos/videos :) And one more question,how do i ensure that its not my other hardware that is causing this burning/detecting issues? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Time for a new drive.
  2. I see,and can i upsize my harddrive as well? The current capacity of 150gb seems to little for me.
  3. Sure if you are going to crack the case open get a new hdd at the same time.
  4. Which model of hdd should i get any rec?
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    You can get a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB, those are good.
  6. Thanks,i'll check it out :) Anyway i wanted to ask when i open the computer case just now(First time doing it) the left side panel, there was this sort of hollow tube that came out. What's the purpose of this tube,i took it out already and didn't place it back and my computer works just fine.
  7. Supposedly it's for getting cooler air from outside ot the case to the CPU cooler but it doesn't do much. Clean all the dust inside the PC. Inside the PSU too but don't open the PSU casing.
  8. Thank you for the useful infos guys! This can be closed now :)
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