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Where can i get something that will expand my graphics capabilities without having to crack open my motherboard compartment? And how much should i be expecting to pay? Any idea where I can get the stuff? I have a Dell 1525 Intell Core 2 Duo and i'm really dissapointed in the graphics. PLEASE HELP!!
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  1. PSU?

    Most likely a 4670.
  2. ^ Haha. Hes talking about the Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop. HEHE. Yeah sure a 4670 haha. LOL. Sorry its too funny, but anyways you can't upgrade a video card in a Laptop. Or stick one in the Express Card slot. Sorry no luck.

    though very expensive for just the converter, over $700, then you still have to buy the GFX card

    here is some info on it (PDF):

    and AKM880, on some laptops you can upgrade the GFX card, MXM slots (though his dell will not have this)
  4. Not worth it. $700? You can get a desktop for that price (perhaps the Warhead PC)
  5. Sometime last year or the year before, there was talk of the ASUS XG Station. Word has it's been released, but I've never seen it available anywhere. It's an external compartment that plugs into your ExpressCard slot and accepts a regular PCE-Ex16 graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Yeah, here it is .
    Looks pretty sweet
  7. what model of card would be too much for these adapters? They say single slot, would a 4850 be too much?
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