E8400 > Q9650 on Optiplex 755 SFF

need to know.

currently running E8400 (which is 1333FSB,6MB,45nm) on Optiplex 755

looking forward for Q9650 (which is 1333FSB,12MB,45nm)

bios is up to date...09 release i guess.

should i spend bucks ?

already switched from E6750 (a 65nm proc) to E8400 (a 45nm proc)

case is Small Form Factor.

links to processor details.

http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLA9V E6750

http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLAPL E8400

http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLB8W Q9650
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  1. what do you intend to use it for?
  2. gaming obviously....furthermore i am looking forward to upgrade to max the MB can support.

    my question remains same.will the board support q9650 as it is already running e8400.

    intending to switch to quadcore.and what i see q9650 is the only option i guess my MB can support !!!
  3. Hey We have your some computer at my work (optiplex 755 small form factor) and we are trying to upgrade the CPU due to QUICK BOOKS P.O.S. needing a faster CPU We were looking into the E8400 and the Q9550 we are scared to order them because we already had a local repair shop upgrade the processor to a E6300 but now the STOCK heat sink and fan are always on full blast. After talking to one Dell Support they told us the CPU the Local shop gave us isn't compatible with the Motherboard. Did you experience any problems like that with the E8400
  4. Update BIOS to A14.

    i hve used E8400 with A12 bios but dont know about Q9650

    my temperature idles at 49-51 and at load 58-61 just because my room temperature is above 35c.so dont consider it as a problem.

    if you live in cool area.there is no problem in upgrading to E8400.

  5. also do try to apply good quality thermal paste...like coollaboratory liquid pro.

    that thermal adhesive is rock solid,will lap my q9650 with liquid pro if my MB supports.
  6. Hey guys thanks for the timely responces. Ya we finally figured out that we needed to update the BIOS after talking to 4 different dell Tech's. but thanks for the heads up. also the dell tech said we could use both the E8400 and the Q9550 but idk about the customer service dudes in India. haha. but anyway we are wanting to try the Q9550 because its a quad core so... not sure we need it but if we get it and it works then we wont need to upgrade for a while. but let me explain our problem a little more in detail see if anyone has any ideas.

    K so.... we have Quick Books Point of Sale then newest version out i will have to report back on the exact version next time i am into work but... we have 3 computers. the way quick books POS is setup one computer has to act as the (sever) in a way by just storing all the company data. this is the computer we are having problems with. its weird the scanner works great if you open up like notepad and scan UPC's it pops them up with almost NO delay but then every once in a while when your in quickbooks you scan in the UPC and it has a delay the scanner beeps then 20 seconds later the item comes up and if you were to enter the same UPC in manual with the number pad there is NO delay. The weirdest part to me is none of the other remote workstations (other 2 comps on the same WIRED network) NEVER have this problem and the one we are using as the server is by far the best comp on the system.. the server aka Main register and backroom computer are running vista and the 2nd register is running something prior to XP.

    Sorry for the length but if anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know we are really thinking about going to the QUAD core Q9550 because we are pretty confident we saw an improvement when we went to the E6300 but were not sure that is our problem?

    Thanks again
  7. there will be a huge leap from e6xxx series processor to q9650.and yes if dell says it will support 'it should' then.

    btw about your problem i guess you need faster and more RAM plus a faster Hard drive.

    if budget in not an issue upgrade to quad core q96xx,get a 800mhz 4gigs of ram and a faster hard drive like 10k rpm.

    P.S., please consider using a good thermal paste b/w a processor and heatsink before upgrading to quadcore and a free flow of air from back to front of the chasis.optiplex 755 SFF has airflow of rear to front.
  8. ya he said it would work i would just need to do a BIOS update again. but ya were not 100 percent sure what it could be because we did notice a difference when we upgraded the first time. I think i forgot to mention he put 2 gigs of ram in too so... i think we are up to 2.5 or 3 gigs of ram. but do you really think it could be the hard drive because i just think it is crazy that both the other remote computers are NEVER having this problem. i think we are going to try the processer and maybe max out the ram to 4 GBs but idk.

    Thanks Anyway
  9. i suggest redoing the OS before upgrading.

    after new OS if the problem stays,UPGRADE.
  10. By redoing the OS..... are you meaning switch the sever to another computer? or are you saying we should change the Operating System?

    Thanks Again

  11. OK so reporting back we still haven't solved our problem even with the install of the new processor Q9550
    we have noticed a better response time with the new quad core but can still get a delay... so... we are going to try and switch the computers around because at this point we are pretty sick of spending money and we have asked several people and computer shops and no one can tell us what is the problem. so we are just going to have to switch the work stations around. Thanks for all your help.
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