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Cant get the front panel headphones to work..

i have a msi-790gx-65 mother board. and i used and recent secondhand case. The problem is i the front headphone slot doesn't work.
also with the usb ports, when i plug in a usb, it shows power, but it doesn't show in windows. (using windows vista).

Is there a particular front panel unit that i need to buy to fix this..

plzz help
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  1. Your board has an excellent manual. The pin cluster for the case connector is marked "JAUD1" and is located in the corner of your board across from the main ports on the backplate. Find the sound case connector and line up the blocked pin and press it on this pin block, and you should get some sound out the front port.
  2. i tried that, didnt work.. could it be a problem with the front panel?
  3. Is your front panel HD-compatible or AC97? You may need to set the correct setting in the bios,
  4. What is the make and model of your case? If its an old Dell, eg, it might have non-standard front panel connectors.
  5. its not a branded case. using a good smps though.. if there is a possibility of the front panel being non compatible. then i am a new front panel set. I have a feeling since this mother board uses some hd audio format..

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    If it's onboard Realtek audio, you need to reset the auto-detect for the front-panel jack. Go to the analog output ports tab, right-click on the rear ports and then unselect the auto-detect box. Then try a pair of headphones. If that doesn't work, reselect and try again...
  7. Im using ASUS Striker II NSE 790i with the included SUPREME FX II sound card, going to ditch the card soon as its crap, any ideas how i would turn the auto detect back on for this as it seems to be dissabled?
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