Static discharge - did I fry my mobo?

Please help me. I am SO CONFUSED! I'm building my first computer and read that you can buy an anti static wrist band and clip it to the metal computer case. I did that, and I touched the case before touching the mobo and CPU. Then to my dismay I read the computer needs to have the power supply plugged into the wall but turned off or you can't be grounded. Then i read dont clip the strap to the case but instead to something else....Then I read never plug in the computer. All of this is conflicting instructions and I'm afraid I've now done it wrong and fried my mobo!

So which is it?? Does the power supply need to be plugged in? Is this even safe? Or is what I'm doing correct? Case just sitting there nothing plugged in and touching it before touching equipment. I'm so confused and hope I didn't ruin the most expensive pieces of my first build :(
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  1. Don't worry, I doubt you hurt anything. I believe the preferred grounding method is to install the PSU into the case and plug it into a grounded power plug. Just be sure to turn the switch on the back of the PSU off so no current is flowing through your components. You can then ground yourself by touching a metal part of the case. I've built quite a few systems and never fried a component due to static discharge.
  2. thanks man. I hope I didn't!

    How would I find out if my power outlet is grounded? Would it be the outlets in the walls of houses?

  3. Chances are any outlet you plug your stuff into will be grounded, unless you live in the phillipines or something. Its pretty standard.
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