Just need some advice if my OC is ok! Thanx

:hello: Hi, firstly I would like to apologise in advance if I sound like a complete dumb person and for any mistakes that I may make and would like to Thankyou in-advance for reading my post and to either help or insult me lol .
Basically I have been reading advices given on this site regarding overclocking and iv just overclocked my current computer but dont know wether its any good or not or if i have totally messed up my overclock! Ive asked my uncle who is an extreme gamer but he just states that my pc spec and overclock is only OK but dosent help me any further (never has and everything iv done is by reading on forums) but another of my mate says that it the overclock and my pc is Very Good. My spec is as follows:-

Amd Phenom II x4 965 BE processor overclocked to 4.25,
Asus Crosshair IV Formula motherboard,
Gigabyte HD4870x2 in CrossfireX (2 cards = 4gpu's),
4GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600mhz memory overclocked to 1838.2mhz (i think),
150GB WD Velociraptor hard drive (got my OS),
1TB & 500GB Hitachi Sata II Hard drives (both used for movies, software etc),
LG Blu-ray/dvdrw drive,
Coolermaster 1000watts modular powersupply with 6x12v rails,
Lian Li PC-P80R Limited Edition Ati CrossfireX red tower/case.

Below is my cpu-z validation and iv also ran stability test for 1hr.


Please could someone just let me know if everything is ok for the overclock and wether my pc spec is also ok as any input would be much appreciated.

Many Thanx and Kind Regards
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  1. What kind of tempratures are you getting when you stress test it? what program are you using for stress test?
  2. Hi, Thanxs bavman for replying (your the only one who has lol). Im using AOD Stresstest and also 3D Mark Vantage. My temp for the northbridge dosent do over 53 degrees, southbridge 43, CPU 48, MB is usually 25-30 degrees.
  3. seems about 200 Mhz above what most X4's are able to achieve with stability; well done.

    As for stability tests, running 4 instances of Prime95 for an hour will certainly tell you if there are any cpu core thermal issues....
  4. Hi mdd1963, thanx for replying :bounce: . I certainly will do as you suggested. If you don't mind; may ask if you think my memory overclock is ok as it's officially only ddr3 1600 (800mhz) and do you think my computer spec is above average as my uncle says that's it just ok but others disagree.

    Many thanx & Happy New Year :D
  5. it looks good, but stability tests on torture mode with prime95 for at least an hour is one of the best ways of knowing if its stable(meaning it will run for long periods of time w/o bsoding) if it is stable then thats great, however i would like to see the pics of that and to know what cooling you are using, also the temps of the cpu in the pic when under load
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