Which HDD should I put OS on?

Or should I ask which is faster? Here are the two candidates: ST31000528AS or WDC WD6400AAKS-22A7B0. I ran diskbench on both of them, and the 640gb western digital was slightly faster. I don't know how accurate that software is, but the cache on the seagate 1tb is double that of the WD 640gb(32mb compared to 16mb respectively) I really don't understand how these HDD specs work. Are larger capacity drives a little slower maybe? I'm also waiting on a 2tb 5400 rpm drive in the mail, which I obviously won't be using for OS. I just want my os on whicever is faster until I can grab a ssd.

If it helps I'll be dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Thank you!

whoops this would help ay?
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    either drive would be good, the performance difference between the two is slight
  2. I had a feeling that was the case. I just wasn't sure because the 640gb is a couple years old, and the 1tb is a few months old. You'd think they would be able to make a significant difference in mainstream hdd speeds in that time period ay? Well, since the 640gb has lasted this long I guess I'll choose that one for the new build since it has proven it's reliability (still don't trust these 1gb+ drives).

    I'm also upgrading from my os being on an old, old 250gb drive which is way too slow, so i'll see a good difference I believe. Thanks for the reply, can't wait for this gaming/media pc to be put together, hooked to 55 inch lcd. bring on the bad weather...
  3. well it's really just for a few months until I can get a ssd drive. Right now a new TV is more important than ssd. Getting rid of my sony pj cus im sick of sitting in the dark. thanks for the advice, btw forgot to pick best answer:)
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