What games will work with onboard graphics card (Radeon HD 3200)

This is the motherboard; (Radeon HD 3200)

What games will it work with?

Will it work with WoW or Sims 3?
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  1. I take it you plan to build around that motherboard.

    WOW is not very intensive on the video so you should be able play it at medium settings provided you have a decent enough CPU since WOW is CPU intensive. I never played it.

    As for the Sims 3, it not even out yet so it is difficult to say. The HD 3200 is based on the older HD 2400 and the HD 2400 is listed on the official sight as a support card so it is possible.

    Best advice I can give right now is don't bother worrying about buying a video card since the HD 3200 should be good enough to play WOW. When Sims 3 comes out just try it out, if the performance "sucks" then look into buying a video card.

    If you think WOW's or Sims 3 performance does indeed "suck" for tastes then look at a HD 4670 512MB card which sells for $60 after rebate. There are cheaper cards (HD 4650 for $50), but this is best bang for the buck all round card that should last some time for non-intensive games. By the time Sims 3 comes out the HD 4670 may drop to $50 after rebate.

    Well, it's past my bedtime, gotta go to work in a few hours.
  2. Great advice Jag,

    I was looking at the 4670 or 4630? I can't remember the number but around there. It was indeed 60 bucks but I decided to try to skimp out on it when others told me I would need to buy a power supply (40 bucks) and OS (100 bucks which i will try to get online) those two things put me over my budjet. I tried to get a comp with power supply, found some for like 60 bucks AR but a lot of folks here said the 500 w ps that came with the case was usually bad.
  3. oh and cost for wifi pci card is like 20 bucks. Tools like 15.

    my monitor will be 17" - 20 inches, not sure yet depends on what is on sale at newegg.
  4. Well as far as the Power supply goes, the ones that come with cases usually are of lesser quality than say a Corsair or Antec unit but a 500watt generic Power supply will run a 4670 fine as the card only uses the PCIE slot for power, no extra leads.
    For what you are looking at then 4650 will be fine, a 4670 would be better but a budget is a budget right ?

    For the record the 3200 chipset should have no trouble playing the Sims 3. Its a better gaming chipset than the Intel 4500 series.

    My advice would be the same as jaguarskx Wait and see what you think and then buy a card.

  5. The 4650/70 should be plenty for Sims 3/WoW even at 1920 x 1200. If you get a 20" (1680 x 1050), a 4650 should be enough.
  6. +1@jaguarskx.
    You can get a quality PSU that is sufficient for your system for $55 or less. A cheap PSU is typically way overrated, but may have other problems too, like poor or missing protection circuitry, lousy filtering (which can pass damaging-over-time noise and spikes to your PC), and cheaper parts that may be prone to catastrophic failure. A low-power system may be within its actual capacity, but that doesn't address the other problems.
    If you tell us your total budget and what it needs (and/or doesn't need) to include, I'm sure you'll get a lot of good suggestions.
  7. It would be best to provide a budget for your intended PC and list the parts you do not need to buy.
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