Looking for a great am3 heatsink

I currently have the H50 cooler which will be better then most air solutions but i really don't like it at all for some reason it is very noisy i can hear the water going through it about 5 feet away. I have not looked for heat sinks for along time. i have a amd athlon 640 cpu and a huge case so the size does not matter to me let me know what good air coolers are out there.
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  1. What's your budget, what do you feel like spending?
  2. Under 200$
  3. If you sell your h50 and spend about 150, you can actually get a decent liquid cooling system with a 2X120mm rad. For air cooling here's some reviews.

  4. But does the athlon 640 even really need water cooling
  5. It doesn't need it unless your talking about an aggressive overclock and even then maybe not. Just throwing the option out there for the money your talking.
  6. hi cia24... $200 is a lotta money for an air cooler and thats why sportsfanboy suggested water cooling... you dont need more than $80 for the best of aircoolers...
  7. but for a stock clocked amd athlon 640 what would you recommend i want something silent
  8. I suggest the hyper 212 plus with 2xNoctua NF P12s in a push pull configuration.Dead silent and more than enough for an overclocked athlon 2.
  9. OP has more $ to spare... i would recommend Silver Arrow or NH D14 provided clearance is not an issue... this makes him future proof in case he wishes to upgrade the cpu...
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