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Well this is my first post on this forum although I visit here often. I want to alert other members to the lack of warranty support for Intel motherboards.

The story:

As I was buying parts to put together a new build with basically an unlimited budget I was still looking for the right pieces at good prices. Came across a guy that had purchased an Intel X58SO and i7 920 directly from Intel; unopened in box. It wasn't the exact set up I was looking for but the price was right so I bought it. I thought what can go wrong? Intel has great support.

1 week later I've installed the mobo, OCZ memory, i7 cpu and hooked up the power. Posts fine. Then add the VGA card and HDD and it posts again. Good so far. Then I smelled smoke. Then the mobo died.
Wont even post. So I remove HDD and VGA and try again. Then just one memory post. Different memory post. Conclusion fried mobo. Call Intel....tell me it's likely they will not RMA since it's "physical damage". Talk to different Intel group. Same thing,but they give me a glimmer of hope...we might take it back and then charge nominal fee for repair. After some checking..nope that's not an option either. I ask for escalation 3 times with the same story. It's physical damage so we will not stand behind it. So I am out over $250. Meantime I've decided I can't wait for them and bought an ASUS P6 Deluxe V2. Put the same HDD, VGA, memory, cpu and case up AND it works great. Haven't overclocked yet but my advice is:

BEWARE Intel motherboards
Thumbs Up on ASUS mobo.

I would really be out if I was on a strict budget. No offer of anything. Just Tough Luck.
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