No drivers on the ATI site for the 4770 What now ?

Ok so my new 4770 is here and i think right the disc probably wont work so go download a set of drivers from the website.
Thing is there is no listing for the 4770 ?
I dont want to uninstall the old card without a backup set of drivers so what do i do know or where do i go to get a set.
Reviews say they were running on 4770 beta drivers version 9.3/9.4

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  1. Ok will try those
    I hope they are a heap better than the ones on the disc, which seemed to be generic will work with anything drivers. I got no improvement over my 3850 at all with those drivers.
    No im not CPU restricted before you ask :)

  2. Choose the 'uninstall all ATI drivers option' first, it should get rid off the old ones before you go to 9.4.
  3. Im about to change the drivers but did anyone else notice the pin out on the DVI connector/adapter is missing a whole lot of pins ?
    Ill have to look into that as well, im guessing its just missing ones it dosent need ?

  4. Quote:

    Think i could hit 30K with Trifire?

    I dont think so. Tbh i was pretty amazed to see 23k with xfire and that is amazing scaling over 15k single. I think you'd maybe lose too much on the third card to get to 30k, but maybe 28k or so. It depends on how well that third card scales, it could maybe be possible. With all of them overclocked I'd say yes...maybe. :D
  5. Yes its a single link adapter so no worries there.
    The Drivers on the other hand get so far and the installer say's it cant find a driver compatable with my hardware or OS. I know i got the correct one for my OS so that leaves Hardware.
    Whats with ATI :fou: Release a card with no official drivers :non:

  6. What OS are you using mac?
  7. Has anyone got a 4770 working with cat 9.4?

    I can see a huge mess up from ATI on the cards here. Would be just so like them to mess up this cards release because nobody bothered to check if it works with the current drivers...
  8. Im running XP and the card is a Sapphire.
    This is just bloody stupid i wouldnt be surprised to see a early release of 9.5 at this rate.
    I mean the drivers on the disc work but the performance if just not there.

  9. I'd go with a clean install of XP if possible mac. It's the only way to truly discount having other older stuff hanging around slowing you down.
  10. Not likely jennyh,
    If i have to put up with it untill the 9.5 then i will. If that makes no differance then i may format and re install. Im getting the RC of W7 on a fresh HDD on the 5th anyway. Which is the main reason i got the card now and didnt wait for a non referance design like i usually do.

  11. Because im getting results way to close to my 3850 results, Both 3dm and in game benchmarks.
    I have a set of tests i use just to gauge how good an upgrade is. I do what tests i think valid at the time game wise, and run the relevant 3dm test when ever i get a new rig. That is the benchmark and i gauge improvements from there.
    Judging on published benchmarks for what the card should be capable of and what i know about my own system, they just are not performing.

  12. What sort of numbers are you talking about mac? And what's your cpu if you don't mind telling us.
  13. Ok here goes the long version.
    My rig has a E4600 clocked at 3ghz, Numbers as far as 3dm go dont really mean much but my rig with the 3850 was getting around 8500.
    Now my cousin has a 3850 on a weaker PSU but his is a higher clocked version and he gets a similar result about 200 less i think.
    He changed to 9.4 drivers this week and now gets 9400.
    I just put a 4770 in my rig and 3dm came out at 8350-8420.
    Now as i said 3dm dont mean much but with the info i have from both rigs i should get better than that.
    Game wise things are no better either. I just sure hope when some drivers come out that say 4770 on them that i get the boost i think should be there.
    Of course its possable the drivers im running now just dont like my system, its happened once or twice before to me and friends.

  14. That may be possable if i was running crossfire, but im not. Dont know where you got the idea i was.
    I know for a fact that its not the CPU as Overclocking and resolution dropping tests on the 3850 yeilded improvments. I fully understand Restrictions both CPU/GPU and resolution/refresh rate caused issues and can assure all that its not an issue.

  15. Yea i know there is a small overhead involved but nothing to worry about.
    Just cant get my head around how they can release a card without drivers, This is the last time i buy a card at launch i can tell you.
    Still its here now and things can only get better.
    Im guessing that the 9.5 should support it. I will wait for the official 9.5's as im working all this weekend anyway so wont get a chance to fiddle.

  16. Quote:
    My rig has a E4600 clocked at 3ghz, Numbers as far as 3dm go dont really mean much but my rig with the 3850 was getting around 8500.
    Now my cousin has a 3850 on a weaker PSU but his is a higher clocked version and he gets a similar result about 200 less i think.

    what 3dmark is this? 06? my old 9600gt pulled 12k, my old 4850 12.5k. my current 4870, i forgot. but the difference can be felt when you're actually playing the game.
  17. Yes its 06 and i know games are what matters, there is a small difference in games but not what it should be.
    I will find out when the 9.5 driver comes out, provided it supports the card, if its me being paranoid or if it is as i suspect the drivers.

    But trust me its the drivers ;)

  18. Just to update i have been digging about with this all afternoon and have discovered that most of the reviews seemed to be done with 9.4 Beta Drivers.
    Yes i know i said i would wait for the 9.5 drivers but when you get the itch :bounce:
    Anyway i have improvements of between 26-31.5% with these Drivers :D That's between 20 and 35 FPS in various games for those who don't like percentages.
    Roll on the 9.5,s or i may just keep these :)

  19. Just confirming that 9.4 castalyst don't work on clean xp install. Hardware not compatible. After this I had a lot of trouble installing the sapphire drivers again, I would get a Installlaunch error everytime. After a few tries all of a sudden they actually did install.

    This morning my PC restarted because of a system error. Eventviewer says: ati2mtag, "EDID contain an error in the RangeLimit field".

    Screw these sapphire drivers.
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