EX58-UD4P + Zalman CNPS9900

Hi guys, i'm getting ready to purchase this motherboard, building a setup around an i7 920. And my main concern at this point is whether or not that heatsink will block the first memory slot or not? If so i'll need to look at another option.

And yes, i do know there are better heatsinks that are available, but i want this one because i find it aesthetically pleasing and it is still a good heatsink, not a great one, but a good one.

I've also done a lot of research into the p55 based i7's and i really prefer to have the future proofing on the high end in that if i decide later down the road i want a 6 core proc, etc, or i need to use the comp for something especially memory intensive, that i'll have that capability. Thanks again guys, appreciate the help.
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  1. I've posted a little tutorial on how to 'scale' a MOBO picture to check for equipment clearances:

    People obsess too much over getting that last erg of heat transfer (keeps the HSF manufacturers 'warring and happy' [and rich], though); the fact is that any damned thing you buy aftermarket will be head and shoulders above the rotary postage-stamp that comes with it! Unless you're really gonna crank it (and then, you should go to water, anyway), it won't really matter that much...
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