Silicon Image si3132 eSATA controller installation

I am trying to install one and I do not seem to be able to do it. I have an HP xw8400 box and an empty PCI Express x16 slot in it (I think - that is a PCI Express, which this controller is meant to be using). Here is the manual, see p. 71, it is slot 4.

I insert the card (it is generic brand), connect my external drive (I not not need a RAID, just external eSATA ports), power up the drive, power up the machine.

But the controller is not visible.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you,

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. According to this user guide:

    The system should recognize that new hardware was installed and at that point I can point to the drivers. I am on Windows 7 64 by the way, for which Silicon Image does provide drivers. As I understand this is also when one can flash the BIOS?

    My problem is the computer does not see any new hardware even though it seems to be in the correct slot (or not), etc.

    So, I am stuck for what to do.
  2. Bump! I'm having the exact same problem. HP xw8400 running Windows 7 64 bit. Trying to install a SATA II controller by Glyph Production Technologies that uses the Silicon Image si3132 chip.

    Does it not get along with HP or what?
  3. SiI-3132 comes with TWO configure; RAID and BASE (JBOD), you can tell at the boot
    screen. If you see something ..RAID then it's RAID configure otherwise it BASE

    You can get the drivers here:
    In support tabs of this page:

    Update: Work with Mavericks (OS 10.9)

    For BASE BIOS, it is pretty easy, just load the BASE driver then you're done

    For RAID BIOS, you may need to use SATARAID5 Management to configure the drives before you can use

    Hope this help
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