Step By Step ( Beginner )

Can someone plz help me? Ive viewed and read other forums and its like walking into the Twilight Zone.
Im looking for step by step instructions on how to start overclocking my i7 930 Stock settings on ( AIR )


i7 930 2.8 ( stock )
Asus P6x58D-E LGA 1366
Corsair Dominator (TR3XG 1600 C8D) 6gigs
Cool Master V10
ATI Radeon 5970 (Stock)
Corsair 850W

I just brought a Water Cooling Set up but first I want to crawl, walk and then RUN!
( Wont Give the Water specs yet bc it is no need ) I want to try this on air first.

So I need someone very knowledgable who is willing to take it easy slow and explain what the hell I am doing and I can post my Temps which range from 39-41 idle and 65-68 full load but I havent checked in forever so I can if need be.

Thank you to who's ever willing to help.
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