BootMRG is missing..

I recently brought a new HDD, I installed it while the other one "my old one" was in use.
I did this so I was able to transfer data over, then my plan was to kill the old HDD, Then be able to boot up with my new HDD..

Whenever I boot up with the new HDD, It shows an Error of "BootMRG is missing"

Is there a way to make the new HDD able to boot up? or at least clean the old HDD so it can be used as a storage HDD and a bootup??
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  1. Yes, I have windows 7, sadly this did not work.. Still reads the Error when trying to boot from the new HDD, now made the old HDD into a storage HDD with the boot files..

    Any other solutions?
  2. When installing an OS, I make sure to only have one drive attached so stuff like this doesn't happen. You can always attach the other drives later. When you tried the above, did you make sure to disconnect the old drive so that only the drive you want to boot from was available?

    EDIT: You may also try this, although I haven't use this myself it is reported to work.

    1.) Boot from "WINDOWS 7" DVD;
    2.) Select "Repair computer";
    3.) Select "Cancel" to exit the repair wizard;
    4.) You will now get a screen which displays 'command prompt','system restore','memory diagnostics',etc......
    5.) Select "command prompt"
    6.) Type your "DVD-DRIVE LETTER" in command prompt, press ENTER;
    7.) Now if your Windows 7 is installed in C drive, type "copy bootmgr c:\" without quotes, press ENTER
    8.) After successful copy type "exit" without codes, press ENTER
    9.) Reboot computer
    10.) Select "start windows normally"
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