What to upgrade on my pc first?

ok Guys,

First of all i'm new on the forum But already read a wile over here, i need to say i'm from belgium and dont wright eng. verry good but i hope u understand what i whant to say?
I'm 37 years old and play online games now my question is i what to ask is it needed to upgrade my computer(quality for the mony) and if what sould i upgrade first?

My PC is a acer sharpshooter but the inside is already upgraded.
Specs atm are:

I7 920
12 GB corshair memory 1600Mhz
2x SSD in raid 0
and video is SLI 2x GTX 285 OC
now my motherboard is still the original from acer and dont support 1600Mhz memory is runs now @ 1333mhz

so if i need to upgrade what should be the first thing you would buy? and what would it do to preformence?

Thanks already!
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  1. Get a motherboard that support 1600 or better yet higher than that and overclock your cpu to get more performance boost
  2. Ok not needed anymore i have a new PC for newyear gift.
  3. Got a home build system.

    CPU: i7 980x
    Cooler: corshair H70
    MB Asus rampage III extreme
    Corshair tri-chanel 12gb 1600mhz
    1000 coolermaster silent pro 1000w
    Gpu: Gtx 580
    Blueray writer
    Bigfoot Killer 2100 gaming network card
    2x OCZ 60gb SSD running in raid 0
    2X western digital caviar black 1000gb
    and some little stuff

    I'm not yet in oc buy i think i will try easy on.
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