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Okay well, this is a little strange to post but I am helping a friend build his new system, he lives in New Orleans.
He does not feel comfortable building his own computer and he has no friends locally that have the know-how or interest to help him build his system (I live verrry far from him too).

Anyways! So newegg is out of the question because he wants to buy from a place locally that will ALSO put his system together for him and install his OS. Are there any dealers in New Orleans that will do that? (custom parts list of course)
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  1. Do like I do, have him buy and send the parts to you. Then you build it and fed-ex, ups, or usps the computer to him (make sure to get insurance). I do this for some of my friends (I'm in Germany, they are in the states), at least it's cheaper than cyberpower or some others.
  2. And the system is not damaged during shipping? I worry about mail service often times. Good idea though I suppose
  3. I never had any issues, but if you are building an intel system be sure to ship the HSF seperately, unless it has a backplate. (stupid intel push pin garbage). Worst I've ever had is the case gets scratched. Fed Ex/UPS/USPS it using the box that the case comes in, and add some bubble wrap or packing peanuts to fill in the spaces between the case and box.
  4. I shipped a system to my niece. Although properly packed with styrofoam and bubble-wrap, it was so badly beaten around that the HDD shook loose from its tool-free mounting and the SATA connector snapped off the drive. The case itself was unblemished; this was just from vibration. I'm glad I didn't use a heavy after-market HSF.
    I shipped another one to my brother-in-law (with all drives screwed down) and it came through just fine.
    So, you might be rolling the dice.
    Your friend might ask around at local shops for what they'd charge to assemble parts he brought to them.
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