Win7 wont see 2nd HDD in disk manager

I am trying to recover a hard drive- 320gb seagate barracuda, it was my primary hard drive with windows 7 64 bit installed on it. it was seen in bios but stopped booting for some reason so im giving it my best effort to get files off.

I have it connected to a Dell dimension that runs win 7 64 bit. in the bios there was an option to turn individual SATA ports on/off-i made sure it was turned on. It does not show up in My Computer or in the Disk Manager. I dont know what else to try.

any ideas?
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  1. try to connect it via a usb enclosure instead of directly through a SATA cable.
  2. what is the likelyhood of that working, i dont currently have a usb enclosure but if its really worth getting then maybe..
  3. That's how I address other HDDs on my system. I use a blacX from thermaltake so I can just plug in the HDD from the top and eject it when I'm done with it. It's a nice tool and very convenient, in my experience.
    If the HDD is toast it will not work, but in that case no solution will do it for you, short of sending it to a data recovery firm. But if it is addressable, it will work.
  4. I'm used to the name Disk Management, not Manager. But assuming you are using Disk Management, let's make sure you are looking in the right part of it. On the right it has two panes, and each SCROLLS so you can see all it has. The upper right pane shows you all the disk devices Windows can use now. The LOWER RIGHT pane is where you should look, because it contains all the hardware Windows can find, including ones it does not yet understand and use. If your 320 Seagate is not there at all, that means the hardware is not working. In that case if you were to look in BIOS Setup you probably also would find it missing. But if the hardware is working and it shows up in Disk Management in the LOWER RIGHT pane, you're probably dealing instead with some software issue or data corruption on the HDD unit. If it's there, report here what it says about that HDD. Of special interest is the main large area that represents the Partition(s) on it. Do they have letter names? What File System does it say - NTFS or RAW? What size does it say for each Partition?
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