What should i change on this Computer

I have a comp that i built and i am woundering if its out of date in anyway for the new games that have been coming out.

here are my specs and let me know if there is anything i should do to make it better and more up to date for the latest games!

Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 (overclocked -3.20ghz)
nividia ddr2 4gb
mobo gigabyte ep43-ud3L
geforce 512mb 9800gt
windows vista 32bit
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  1. - for gaming, u can try with amd, i think for the same money as E7400 u can get AMD Phenom II 720 Black Edition, beast of a cpu, easy to overclock.

    - get ATI card ! for ~150 eur u get ati 4870 512 ddr5, will play ALL new games at highest. even the ati 4850 512 ddr3 is better than 9800, for the same money.

    - u need vista 64bit to use all 4 GB of ram. 32 bit OS only see ~3.2 Gb of ram, the rest is not used. for ram, look for 2x2 GB kits @ 800 or 1066 Mhz, really cheap (OCZ, Corsair, Patriot, G.Skill, Mushkin, A-Data, Kingston Hyper, and few others)

    - for intel, go for P45 based chipset, they overclock great, the EP45-UD model of gigabyte is great. for AMD, go for 790X/790FX models, they are even amd3 compatible. i got gigabye ep-790x-ud4 for my girlfriend, a beast of a board, costs ~ 100 eur.
  2. vidcard looks to me like the weakest link but still is not bad at all... unless you are looking to run gta4 or crysis on high
  3. If you have a nice CPU HSF you could probably push that E7400 higher.
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