New build for overclocking

hello i am planning a build with the following components and want to know how far i can/should push this system.

intel i5 760
windows 7 64 bit
ocz gold 4gb
asus maximus 3 formula
Hyper 212 plus with extra fan
anitec earthwatts 750w
asus 5850 1gb
anitec 300 + 3 coolermaster fans

What should i be aiming for i am hoping for 4ghz for bragging rights but dont want to wreck my computer.

Also if you think my build is s*** then let me know
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  1. 4ghz is easy on that i5....with the right cooler that is and thermal grease
    I would go with the scythe mugen;
    it cools almost as well as some $75-$100 coolers
    put it in push/pull if you want but just push is more than enough
    as for the thermal grease i always go with the golden standard, arctic silver 5;
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