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Howdy all,

Challenge: I want a low-energy 24/7 hosting solution for torrents ONLY. No backup considerations necessary.

Goal: Less than 50W, able to handle 3MB/s (25Mbit/s) upload throughput, actively host up to 1000 torrent files that are anywhere from 20MB to 1GB in size each but at low bandwidths (<10kbps).

With this high volume of unique .torrents, I have another concern. If the torrents happen to somehow get removed/unload from the client, I want a way to automate the relocation and checking of my files without having to do it manually (for example, going through folders to designate the save area for a given .torrent). This is of course assuming I still have the .torrent files on hand. Are there any simple ways to create backup scripts for this? Like have a sort of directory list which points all the torrent files back to their file locations so I don't have to do it 1000 times?

Is NAS even an option here? Are the clients that come with most NAS robust enough for BitTorrent? Is there any uTorrent efficiency-like apps for NAS? Or can I even install uTorrent on the NAS and use that effectively for my purposes?

If viable, I'm considering Synology's 1 bay servers.
D-Link 321 and 323 seem popular but I'm not settled on the reviews. I have some money and I'd rather get what I need for exactly what I want than save a little. I want to leave this on all day, week, and year instead of my 400W desktop.

If anyone has any websites or tips for the kind of torrenting I describe, I'd appreciate a point in the direction of a primer.
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  1. I don't deal much with torrents because I try to avoid as much frustration in my life as possible :)

    But I would recommend that you still consider at least RAID 1 so that if the hard drive dies, which all do - and at the worst possible time (Murphy's Law), you stay up and running.

    ReadNAS Duo is an inexpensive (relatively), highly regarded 2 bay NAS.

    We have reviews on that an other NAS devices at our website.

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