Motherboard and Ram troubles

Hello I've been having some big troubles with my motherboard and ram and need any help I can get. Here is it is

I ahve a few year old computer and it has been continuously getting more and more unstable. I am wondering if my ram slots are broken, or it parts or motherboard? I had 2x2gb patriot extreme ram in motherboard, dual channel. My computer started to become unstable slowly. It started with freezing during heavy games, or hd videos. Over time It became more unstable, freezing opening images or downloading torrents. At the end it had trouble booting and blue screened often. I started to test my computer for problems, I formatted it often switched operating systems (xp, vista and 7) and soon found out that it was the ram. If I had any ram in my front two slots it would not boot, or be extremely unstable. The last two slots worked fine. With my front two slots broken I could not dual channel anymore (1,3 and 2,4 dual channeling) I just ran my computer from slots 3 and 4.

After 6 months of running slots 3 and 4 only my computer is starting to become unstable again. Freezing during heavy games and hd videos. I am waiting for it to not boot off my 3rd and 4th slot as happened with my 1st and 2nd slot. Now I have to run 2x2gb, if I run only one stick of 2gb in any slot it is too unstable to use.

I have done some trouble shooting and every part in my computer works in other computers. My videocard, ram, harddrive, and cpu all work. Other(new) ram does not fix the problem in the computer. The only part I have not switched is my power supply. It is not software I have tried everything software.

Mobo- P5n32-e sli
Ram- Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB 2X2GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 CL5-5-5-12 EPP Dual Channel 2.2V
Cpu- Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 ghz
Gpu- Bfg 8800 GTX OC2 768MB PCIe
Psu- Kingwin Mach 1 Power Supply (600w)
Case- Antec 900 gaming case

Are my front two slots broken? Is it a part that I used, or is a part faulty? Is my motherboard failing, or is it something I can change on my motherboard?

Anything else you can tell me I will be happy. I have been trouble shooting for about 6 months and its not working. I was at school, but now am home and have the time to do a full trouble shoot. Please help.
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  1. What kind of PSU? Anyway, that should be next.
  2. Kingwin Mach 1 Power Supply (600w) Positive. I am working on my computer tonight and will do the Psu. But any advice at all that I can try tonight will be perfect. Even if you have no idea but it is a troubleshooting suggestion that is fine.
  3. Are you overclocking? If so, you may have incorrect memory settings. If you are overclocking, try resetting the CMOS to stock settings.
  4. I have run almost every test. (memtest, intel burntest, WD harddrive scans, etc) I have monitored heat, everything is okay. I have formatted XP twice, vista, and now am running 7. I have reset my bios settings to default and tried memory with different latency and ddr2-667, not the 800 I run. I have overclocked and underclocked. I have exchanged every part with my cousin's computer(except mobo and psu) and run it. Still not fixed. Tonight I will change Psu but I won't get my hopes up.

    I will try the memory settings but I don't think they are changed.
    Like I said my computer will not boot with one 2gb stick alone in any slot. It will also not boot with 2x2gb sticks in slot 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 1 and 4, or 2 and 4. (pretty much 1 and 2 are broken, my guess)

    It only runs with 2x2gb sticks in slots 3 and 4. And it runs unstable.
    It is the most unique problem I've every faced, and I think my mobo's ram slots are all just failing. I just hope It was not from improper voltage levels or something I could have done.

    Thanks for the reply's, if I sounds frustrated I'm sorry it is at the problem and not at anything you have said. If you still have any other questions or ideas please just put them down and I'll reply.

    EDIT: Also the only other thing I have not done in update my bios rev. This is because I have tried ram that should work in the original bios and it has not. So I am pretty sure it is not the bios.
  5. I have not run Prime95 I will try that tonight. Memtest gives errors on my mem slots 1 and 2, but not on my 3 and 4 slots. Intel Burntest gives problems on the highest level of testing but only every other test. WD diag says everythings fine. It freezes when I play games such as COD4, Crysis, and Warcraft. Now it freezes almost instantly when torrenting. Sometimes it freezes in 1080p hd videos such as planet earth.

    I have been finding more recently that it feels like it is going to freeze, but it just stops for a couple seconds then everything starts working.(but slower) Then is will usually freeze later. If it freezes I have to cut power and power back on. After I boot again, I need to restart right away or within 5 mins it will freeze again. If is restart after boot then it may not.

    I am running it at 1.8V, and have run it at 2.2V to see if it was stable. It was more stable but still unstable at 2.2V and figured I would run it at 1.8V til I fixed the main problem.

    Also I have the Antec 900 gaming case with all fans on high. No heat troubles should be or are happening.

    EDIT: Power supply is the Kingwin Mach 1 Power Supply (600w).
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    Your CPU could still be overheating with lots of case fans if your CPU fan/heatsink isn't seated (or thermal paste isn't applied) properly. Could you DL and run OCCT or SpeedFan and tell us what your idle and load temps are?

    Also, if you haven't done this, reset your BIOS via the jumpers on the motherboard and see if that has any affect. (I know you mentioned returning settings to default, but I was unsure if you tried a hard reset like this).

    After this, as you've exhausted everything else, may just want to spring for a replacement motherboard. =/

    Good luck
  7. I have run speed fan and idle is high 30's and 40 C. Load is in the 60-70's. (if I recall load temps correctly, I do remember them not being high)
    Good thermal paste was used in the build.

    I have not done a hard reset yet, I will also try that tonight.
    Do you think updating my bios is worth it if my hard reset does not work?

    Thanks for reply's, keep them coming if you have ANY ideas.
  8. A fresh BIOS couldn't hurt unless you mis-flash (MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT ONE). Worth giving it a shot.

    And definitely clear CMOS via the jumpers, that's the first thing I do when I run into any kind of weird situation.

    After poking around on the net some, it seems the maximum temp for your cpu is: "Conroe/Allendale (65nm): ~60.1C-62.4C". I'm not sure that running too high of a temp would cause the issues you're seeing but it very well may.

    Keep us updated!
  9. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for all your help I worked on my computer all weekend and came to a final conclusion. I replaced every part, flash the bios, reset cmos, test with prime95 and many other stress tests, monitored temp (61C load), and removed everything from my case running it on a separate overclocking platform.

    I (and my computer store) have come to the conclusion that my ram slots on my motherboard are going and I am sending it back to asus for a refurbishment or replacement. Thanks for all the help and ideas for troubleshooting. If failing ram slots does not sound correct please give your opinion.

    My final verdict, Nhlguy11.
  10. I've now talked with asus, they say my motherboard is covered under warranty. I explained my problem and the tech support said it sounds like motherboard problems, and to send it in.
    I am sending it in, and if it is motherboard then it will be fixed for free and problem solved. If not, then after my mother gets fixed... I will reopen the post and start trouble shooting again.

    Thanks for the help, nhlguy11
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