GF 9600gt performance..

When I got a new motherboard(asusP5N73-AM), mainly for its new PCI express 2.0 slot. I noticed the performance was exactly the same as on my board with pcie 1.0.

Actually, Im now starting to score 6500 3d marks 05!! Ive even turned off AA, and anistropic, and the graphics bar to "performance".

Also while playing cod4, im getting some lag, skipping, and just doesnt feel right playing it. I played cod4 with my Nvidia 7300LE, and it worked better than what I just expeirienced right now with my 9600 gt. I have the latest drivers installed, and they are correct ones.

My question is could there possibly be something wrong with this motherboard? Or is there something wrong with my WIN XP?
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  1. You will not see a performance increase going from PCI-e 1.0 to PCI 2.0, the 9600GT is not very bandwidth demanding.

    Try going into Safe Mode to uninstall your drivers. When the computer boots past the initial BIOS check press F8 several times or hold it down. You will get a menu that allows you to start Windows in Safe Mode.

    After uninstalling reboot in to Windows normally. Re-install the latest driver version.

    I don't think it's a power supply issue, but provide that info.
  2. Graphic drivers are installed properly, I don't see why that would be an issue.

    I just bought this 500W PSU, I actually had this same setup running on my 250w, but decided its time to buy a case fan, and perhaps some lights to fancy things up.

    I seriously just need to know how to score better in 3d benchmarking, I know my CPU is slacking, but come on, the score is way too low for the specs of a gt9600!!
  3. do a fresh install of windows. or if you can uninstall the old motherboard drivers and files, that might be adequate.
  4. I agree wipe the harddrive in the win xp setup and then reinstall everything fresh. Windows is kinda buggy when it comes to replacing motherboards n stuff. Install Service Pack 3 while youre at it
  5. Guys, I did do that, when you swap mobos/cpus the windows installation crashes, and doesnt boot up. I had to format/reinstall windows on one of my HD's, the other HD had a windows install on it, but that doesnt work either, but the files are still on it so I didnt format that one.
  6. 1 word comes in mind bottleneck. ur cpu is slow why did u buy a 9600gt??? man i have a friend who had the same setup but instead of 9600gt he got 9500gt ddr2 not ddr3 and his cpu is same as urs he cant play games correctly so we tried his 9500gt on a dual core 2.8 and it worked great games like crysis grid stalker cod5 even cod4 on 1024x.. he cant turn everything up so either oc ur cpu(doesnt help u much... well at all) or buy another cpu at least an old c2d
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