Display driver stopped working

My current set up is:
4gb ocz titanium 800mhz
Intel E5200 @ stock
Gigabyte ga-ep45-ds3l
Antec earthwatts 500w
xfx 8800gt alphadog edition

My problem is that with the desktop effects on (areo glass) the display driver stopped working (nvlddmkm) however 3d accelerated games work without fail ie: Fallout 3, Source engine. When I disable the desktop effects and use the classic theme the display drivers do not crash. I have tried google-ing the problem and have tried as many solutions as I could find but none work or apply for/to me.

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  1. Do u have the latest VGA drivers installed?
  2. Yes I have installed the most recent official release and the most recent beta
  3. Can u test with windows XP ?
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    Sorry Maziar, but there's no point in testing on XP when it doesn't have Aero and all his games are working fine. The problem lies in Aero, or his card's support for it.

    I suggest using XFX's forum and/or tech support directly. No sense hunting around on the internet when you can call a 1-800 number and talk to someone about the problem only moments later.
  5. I recommended testung with XP because i had this problem before and a friend suggested me to test with XP(I didnt though).

    But i think u are right since he doesnt have any problem when he disables aero.
    So my mistake sorry :D
  6. I will call xfx.

    Thank You
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