Budget 1.8" SSD for old laptop recommendations?

Hi All,

I'm looking for a 64gb SSD to put in a small, very nice but old Dell Inspiron Latitude X1. It has a 50-pin interface, but I believe I can get around that with some adapters, but I assume the basic drive needs to be IDE/PATA (forgive my ignorance here)? Will run Win7 on it.

What would you recommend that wouldn't break the bank? I guess the speed of the cpu and the interface/bus speeds would limit me in some sense too.

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  1. 1. Usually, the adapters will not work.

    2. Mind listing full specs?

    3. Virtually any good SSD based on the SF1200,etc are going to be bottlenecked by IDE.

    I would seriously consider if doing something like this is worth it. Imo, you are probably better off with a good 7200.12 based 7200rpm HDD
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