GTX 460 overclocking results

I bought the stock clocked Evga EE GTX 460 and these are my overclocking results at stock voltage-

As you can see max temp is 79C, on stock settings it maxes at 73C. The program I used for stability/max temp testing was Furmark. Is this a safe overclock to run 24/7 since the gtx 460 scales down when not in a 3D application?
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  1. 79C is just about the highest I would ever want to see my GTX 260s (very similar cards). They can run hotter than that though.. I've seen a couple of benchmarks where the 260 / 460 (can't remember which now) goes up to 95C!!

    That looks fine. As long as you don't get any artifacts in games then I'd say that's a very good overclock. Your memory is very high though.. not sure if that'll cause any issues or maybe you just have a freak card ;)
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