Can i flash a laptop dead bios???

umm.. hi

im a little new on this issues, but i would like to know if someone can help me

my laptop dell has been dead since i flash the BIOS, i wonder if can i flash it again
the issue is that it doesnt start.

many people says that i can do this with an BOOTEABLE FLOPPY DISK, the thing is that its a laptop
and it doesnt have a floppy drive...

im a little bit nervous...
can somebody help me please... :(
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  1. I have heard that you can update bios using a flash drive. You need it to be in a special format and have all the correct load files on it. I have never done it myself.
  2. ok, thanx fpr ypur help, but i dont know much about this.
    can yo tell me the correct format, or where can i look at it... pleas :)
  3. You need the bios to to boot into a usb drive/floppy, so depending on what went wrong with the flash, you may have a brick. A bootable usb drive is only useful for flashes that will not function without windows memory managers, not bricked systems.

    Just don't buy another dell to replace this one.
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