Mobile, Integrated, overclocking....?

Hello forum, I've been searching the internet for info about overclocking this:
or more specifically, the Radeon HD 3200 inside it.

Can anyone who knows more than me tell me if overclocking this thing is possible and/or provide some info about how to do it?

Thank you
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    Generally I say to stay away from overclocking laptops. It's a quick way to void your warranty and then melt your laptop into your legs.

    If you do what to try overclocking though, download yourself either RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner and increase the clock speed by just a little bit. Each time you increase the speed, test your temps by running FurMark.

    It's a laptop.. if you need more power for games then I suggest getting a tower computer and keep your laptop for facebook ;)
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  3. Thanks for the best answer! Much appreciated :].
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