Overclocking an athlon II x2 250 on a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H

Hey, I was wondering how I would go about overclocking this processor through the bios, I've done it before but it's been a while and I'm a little lost. I just need to know what I need to change in the bios and to what values.

If any more info is needed I will provide, please help! haha. I am using MB intelligent tweaker (M.I.T) and I need to know what values I need to change and to what. Any help is appreciated
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    This chip has a locked multiplier so you are going to have to Increase the System refference speed (FSB) to raise the core clock.

    Remember to get some good temperature monitoring software(Speedfan), a cpu identifier software (CPU-Z) and a very intensive system tester for stability testing ( I recommend Prime95 )
    I dont know if you are running an aftermarket cooler or not but keep a good eye on the CPU Temp (Max temp is 74C)

    1-Enter BIOS, Set CPU Clock Frequency to manual

    2-Decrease ram frequency by one settiing Example>>800 to 667(because speeding up the bus is speeding up your ram aswel)

    3-Increase system referrence speed (FSB) starting at 200 in increments of 5Mhz

    4-Repeat this process booting into windows each time and running Stability testing software until machine becomes unstable (Minimum 15 min test time in Prime95, longer it runs the more thorough the results)

    5-Once unstable level is reached set the system referrence clock back 5Mhz to gain the highest stable system clock

    6-If your referrence clock is at or below 240 save and exit BIOS, your done. If you referrence clock is above 240 There is a little bit more adjustment needed

    7-Open CPU-Z and write down VCore Voltage

    8-Enter BIOS and set VCore Voltage to manual and Increase voltage by values of 0.01,After each increase boot to windows and run stability tests( This is where you really need to watch the temps). Repeat process until a stable environment is found

    FYI any referrence clock above 245-250 (depending on mobo) is also going to require NB & SB Voltage increases, possibly RAM Voltage ingreases aswell.
    Referrence your motherboad in this case as all chipsets are different in their voltage tolerances. Above stated Increments and methods apply

    Voltage increases drastically increase hardware Temperature Indexes, entering incorrect values could result in damaged hardware !!!

    My referrence clock is set at 240Mhz yeilding a core clock of 3600Mhz and a NB frequency of 2400Mhz, the increase has returned my ram frequency to 800Mhz OC from the 667 setting in BIOS " This is why I set the RAM frequency back in the BIOS.
    Temperatures are at 32c Idle and 42c Full load with Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Cooler, stock cooler will run significantly higher at these settings. I strongly recommend an aftermarket cooler especially if voltage increases have been made.

    **My system settings are purely for example and my cause damage to a system with an insufficient hardware profile**

    Hope this helps, Good Luck!
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