Hardware reserved memory?

i5 750
asus p7p55d
g.skill ddr3 4(2x2)GB 1333mhz, 7-7-7-21, 1.5v
msi cyclone oc 4890
corsair 550vx psu
antec three hundred
WD caviar black 500GB
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Problem is that half my ram is being reserved by 'hardware', which I assume is the videocard. I've already tried disabling/enabling memory remapping, as well as setting default bios settings; I've updated the bio to latest version. I can't seem to a solution. Even if the videocard 'requires' a reservoir of memory, does it really need an extra 2gb?

At startup, I notice that POST only shows 2gb of ram, though windows and pcwizard says my computer has 4gb
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  1. brand new
    i7 860
    CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
    Geforce 250gts
    coolermax cxi-500b psu
    seagate baracuda 120 GB HD
    Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

    Having the exact same issue... bios, and memtest will "see" both sticks when i go into the list with rams in the slots, but both will only post 2GB
  2. oh yeah and MSI p55-GD80 mobo
  3. The p7p55d comes in several versions - make sure you say which you have.

    My guess that pho's problem is related to DRAM voltage, if the specs on that RAM ask for over 1.65V, it's not gonna work.

    Both of you should read over this thread and try the things mentioned there.

    If nothing there works, post again. And it something DOES work, post it here!
  4. And POST should always show the full amount of memory - even if devices are stealing some. Often shows the breakdown of how it's being stolen too. I know of nothing that would take over 1GB of RAM regardless.
  5. Last night i turned my computer off, pulled the power cable out of the back of the psu and this morning, all 4 GB ram does show! but this is the first time this happens, normally the computer crashes and restarts going back to posting 2GB, at the moment it's running solid though.

    the ram i have is rated for 1.5 V i think and that's what i have it running at
  6. ran for about 30 mins at 4GB of ram then BSOD's and back to 2GB, is this a clear case of bad memory stick or something worse like bad mobo or cpu?
  7. pho - try only putting in one stick, running extensively, then the other stick. Should be able to tell then. It'll run in single channel, but at least you'll know for sure. Chk the MB manual to see which slot you should use for one stick.
  8. thank you for the responses, I've tried that... probably should have said earlier.. when the system wants to run 4gb it will see and use both sticks in slot's 1 or 3 (did for the first time, have not been able to repeat it)... now when it does the 2gb thing it will only use one of the sticks in either slot... the other won't boot video when it's in either of the slots, i guess my question is, memory problem or something worse like mobo or cpu?
  9. I'd go for memory, especially if you can still return it. Don't put up with any restocking fees either, make it clear the memory doesn't pass tests and is defective. If you waffle on that, you'll pay 15%. Shouldn't be an issue if asking for replacement however. Just explain that one stick doesn't work at times and you want both replaced since they're part of a "matched" pair.

    Possible it's MB, but can't see CPU being involved.
  10. k will do, thank you for the advice mongox, I've only had the parts for about a week should still be under warranty/return policy.
  11. Move things along as fast as you can. You want time to swap the MB if needed. If you can still retain the parts so the computer can work while waiting for the new parts go for it. But make sure to give time for parts to arrive there before RMA expires.
  12. Fixed, I just didn't install windows 7 properly, I had to delete my old partitions instead of format. Also, I had to enable memory remapping or I won't get the full 4GB back, it will only show 3.24 GB.
  13. Great! Sounds like the time we spent on that other thread is paying off for both of you in this one.
  14. was your bios able to see 4GB memory before it got into windows 7? before you reinstalled. Can a reinstall of windows 7 really allow bios to see all 4Gigs?
  15. Yes, the BIOS should always see the full memory installed. If it doesn't, then something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

    I have no experience with Win 7 except reading a lot here and elsewhere. If Win7 was installed when the BIOS was reporting only half your RAM, I'd re-install it. There are factors taken into account when your computer has 4GBs that aren't when you have 2GBs. This is due to the 32-bit vs 64-bit limits.

    My guess is that going from 4GBs to 8GBs wouldn't benefit from a re-install. But I'd consider it when going from "working" 2GBs to 4 or 8. Again, since the hardware/firmware was faulty in reporting RAM size when Windows was installed, I'd definitely recommend a re-install.

    But no, Windows of any kind will have no effect on the BIOS.
  16. During POST, it only showed that I had 2gb previously. After a CLEAN resintall, it still only showed 3328 if I remember correctly. It only showed the full 4gb after I enabled remapping.

    My friend actually helped me with this; first he had me check all the dimm slots. When that didn't solve the probelm but they all worked.Then I uninstalled the video card drivers and the bios recognized ~3gb, so I got 1gb back. That's when he asked if I did a clean install and I back tracked and told him exactly what I did.
  17. Glad to hear all is working. I think that's 4 folks now with this problem and if pho gets his new RAM working, then all are fixed!

    Watch out for this little tiny guy, he sneaks in at night and steals RAM modules so you lose half your RAM!
  18. Things are even more wierd... my computer booted up tonight with all 4 GB showing and running awesome 2hrs into gameplay runs solid.. memtest passes all 4BG with zero errors "memtest86+ 4.00" I have not touched my computer since before when it wouldn't post the 2nd memory stick.. .only difference from right now then before is, it got really cold where i live ... guess my computer only works well in the cold. now i'm not sure if it's memory, mobo, or cpu since i heard that the memory controller is in the cpu for the i7 800's and i5's, anyways ordered new ram, gonna see how they do when it gets here
  19. As a follow-up, I still see this question come up around the forums and encountered the same thing myself. My solution was to simply disconnect my CPU cooler and re-seat the CPU. After doing this an reinstalling, Windows immediately recognized the whole 4 GB (I'm on Windows 7 64-bit).
  20. i had the same issue - 4GB installed memory and 2GB "hardware reserved".

    the post screen showed the full 4GB installed but it only showed 2GB total and 2GB extended in the CMOS screen in the BIOS.

    i have a gigabyte EX58-DS4 motherboard and i fixed the problem in the bios by changing a setting in the M.I.B settings from "Turbo" to "Standard".

    my cmos screen now shows 4GB total and 4GB extended and my hardware reserved is down to 2MB :D

    i hope this helps.
  21. I know its a dead post but I had the same issue and Google sent me here so I want to help the next person with this cutesy of andrern2000.

    Run Msconfig then go under the "boot" tab.
    1. click "advanced options" button
    2. uncheck "Maximum memory"
    3. reboot
  22. hi it it due to os limitation just download the ram patch from the link
    and click on it
    2.patch x86 ramlock and after that click on
    3.start msconfig
    4. click on boot tab you can see an additional os name click on it and set as default and apply
    5.restart the pc check the hardware reserved memory

    note: it will work on my 32 bit w7 :bounce:
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