Video card upgrade or not

:o I hope some one can help me out, I have an amd x2 4800+ @2.5 now it the best cpu but I have no problems playing any game, I also have an evga 9800gtx+ superclocked and 500 coolmax power supply the specs are

ATX Compliance ATX 12V v2.2; EPS 12V
Power Provided 500 Watts
Drive/Power Connectors (4) Molex 4-pin Connectors; (1) Floppy 4-pin Connector; (4) Serial ATA Connectors
Motherboard Power Connectors (1) ATX 24-pin Motherboard Connector; (1) EPS/12V 4+4-pin Motherboard Connector
PCI-Express Power Connectors (1) PCI Express 6-pin Power Connector
Power Supply Cooling Fans 120mm Fan
Wiring Type Nylon Sleeved
Input Voltage AC 115V/240V
Input Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz
Efficiency >80%
Load Range +3.3V@21A; +5V@22A; +12V1@17A; +12V2@17A; +12V3@12A; -12V@0.5A; +5VSB@2.5A
Combined +12V Rating 400 Watts
Protection Surge Current Protection; Input Transient Voltage Protection; Over Voltage Protection; Over Load Protection; Short Circuit Protection
Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.0" x 5.6" x 3.5"

Now If I upgrade to an hd 4870 will there be a diff in my games or should I get a better card
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  1. What resolution do u play at ?
  2. 1680x1050
  3. should be ok, but almost time to get new mobo bundle
  4. Check this review,a nice comparison of 9800GTX and HD 4870:
  5. @googlemebaby2004: Stick with what you have. Your CPU will limit a HD4870 and is well matched to the existing 9800 you have installed.
    Save your money for a new build or full upgrade later.
  6. it's not the best cup in the world but i works well, i use to use a 9500gt and would only get 32fps in lost planet now i get 110fps+ so if i upgrade to a 4870 will my fps go up :o
  7. @ googlemebaby2004: You will see an increase, particularly in graphics heavy games and with AA/AF enabled but I do n't think the gains will be worth the expense.
    I still think it would be better to stay where you are and set the money aside for a full upgrade at a later date.
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