Crosshair 4 extreme north bridge heat issue

I just got my new crosshair 4 extreme and ive been reading some unsettling stuff about the north bridge on the regular crosshair 4 and i was wondering if the same would apply to the extreme as well . They say that the factory board block doesn't contact the chips properly and you could burn up the board while o.c. ive kept an eye on it and my temps are high when im overclocked (4.3 1090t) after an hour of prime 95 im at 57 deg on the n/b so i had to back down my overclock while it feels like there is so much more in there i dont want to cause damage
also i was wondering does any one know if there is a water block in the works for this board yet as i cant find one i have a great water cooling system that id love to add the board block to
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  1. i found a water block for the crosshair extreme from koolance and installed it last night the results are great with an overclock of 4.3 my north bridge never surpasses 40 deg now that im protected from overheating im going to try for some better speeds
  2. north bridge runs at 3120 and never breaks 45c the water block was well worth it
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