2 questions about overclocking my i5 750

My specs:
Cm 690
i5 750 w/ hyper 212 plus
4gb corsair dominator 1600mhz 8-8-8-24(1376mhz 8x172)
Asus p7p55d
corsair tx 750w
After a lot of research,I'm almost ready to oc my i5 750.My only concerns are those of stress testing after the oc and voltage adjustments.
About the first,which is the best and most reliable programme from your experience?
And concerning the voltage adjustments,how should I proceed?By setting a high starting voltage and then backing off after stress testing or by starting with stock and going up until I can't raise the BCLK without errors?
My target is 3612mhz with a 21x cpu multi and 172BCLK .
Your thoughts please!:-)
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  1. Do you require any extra information?I'm looking for opinions.My questions are basically:
    1.Which is the best stress testing method in your opinion?
    2.How do you proceed to find the optimal voltage when overclocking your cpu?
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