Windows 7 64 bit & Wireless Connectivity Problem

Hi all,

I got a problem with my newly installed win 7 64 bit.

When I tried to connect it wirelessly to the internet (using the wireless USB adapter --> Zonet ZEW2546), it cannot detect any single network available, even though the router is just one floor below the PC.

But, when I tried to plug the USB adapter to the other PC, which runs on Win XP, on the same floor as mine, the adapter works perfectly, and I could surf the web from the Win XP.

What do you think the problem is? Hardware or driver?

Btw, I have specifically looked for the newest driver for the USB adapter (which also supports win 7 64-bit) and installed it to the new system, but still to of no avail.
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  1. Well, driver most likely.

    For the time being there will be problems finding reliable drivers for Win7 and less popular products just as there was with Vista (in that case often unresolved because manufacturers hadn't enough faith in the future of Vista to invest in writing drivers for it).

    Win7 looks more promising but don't count on makers investing in drivers for older equipment.
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