Debating between two full towers

Sunbeam Transformer

NZXT Zero 2

Ironically two of the cheapest full towers available.

These are just the two that have caught my interest most. I need a ton of room and I have a box of extra fans :D

So I'm just kind of on the outs about which to go with.

Thanks guys.

Potential plans are to run xfire 4890/58xx's or sli gtx 275's...potentially.
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  1. both of these seems to have the door thingy and are made of plastic (given with a rough picture assessment....) and those are REALLY shitty if not done extremely carefully with good grade plastic/metal hinges, so I would say if you are willing to put up with broken doors (tbh the doors are usually not a integral part of the thing), go for them. It's just a case and if you got the fans to populate them then airflow should be a non issue (if your hearing isn't)

    I do run with the Haf 932 full tower and thats all the experience I have with full towers, all I can say is that the usual footstool of mine is gone with a mid tower since the thing is so tall :D

    link to what I have, its pricier but It is the cheapest full tower that has the hole behind the Mobo that allows you to mount aftermarket heatsinks' back plates without mobo removal:
  2. Thanks lancer :) That case was definitely being considered but I was figuring the cash saved could go towards a bigger psu & monster cpu heatsink
  3. yeah, IF you can live with not removing the CPU lots, then a standard one without this feature can work just as good, I mean a case is a case, even if the one I got has overly many fans lol, airflow all depends on what fans you stick in them, they all got the frontal and exhaust fans so thats not like its missing one (I've got a case with no frontal fans, but with 120mm exhaust and 2x 80mm in side and top of case.... and airflow wasn't that great for my vid card lol)
  4. HAF 922 is as big as those cases.
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