Reasonable 4850Hd512 Overclocking Tempatures

Hey guys iv been doing a little experimenting with overclocking for the first time today.

Iv been using Riva Tuner and Furmark and was wondering what is reasonable tempature for this card to reach?
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  1. Hey i got this picture after some testing.. Note the Fps on the evga window seems to be going up then down is this normal?
  2. these cards get hot. I've got two 4870's, and they can reach 90C in some situations. They are made that way, so it's not an issue to be scared of. They will throttle themselves, and adjust their cooling when necessary. clock those devil until you start having artifacts, then back off just a little.
  3. What is artifacts?

    Did you see the fps thing i mentioned like it resonates up and down?

    I also have two fans built in to my antec case so i switched those to high aswell

    Il be getting new card in next few months but for now i thought id try this..

    Does overclocking the cpu improve gaming ?
  4. The FPS thing is normal, unless the test is repeatedly doing the same tasks, the FPS will vary, just as they do in games. If you list all of your hardware specs, we can help you more, but in general overclocking the CPU can help; it depends mainly on the cpu you have, and what screen resolution you are playing at.

    artifacts are little parts of the screen that look different. You may have pink or green squares that show up and dance across the screen, textures that flicker, blinking black screen, ect.. These aren't signs of damage, just signs that you need to back off some.
  5. I see , i got some like tearing and stretching when i turned the clock settings up high..

    Well i got
    Amd Athlon II X4 620
    4850hd 512mb
    Corsair psu 650w
    4gb xms ddr3 ram

    I only realised after i bought the cpu that it hasnt l3 cache which i dont know what it does but i know its better

    Yes you are right i bet its going like that because of the rotating ring in the test ... smart as a fox i am hehe :D
  6. if you get some tearing and stretching you need to back off just a little. the athlon II x4 can be OC'ed quite a bit, just make sure you have good cooling, keep the CPU less than 60C under load.

    L3 isn't as important as you think.
  7. One more question..When setting the the memory and core clocks for gpu..should i just increase them both equally or is one better than the other to raise ?

    ok i shall look in to the cpu oc'ing thanks very much
  8. Well, it really just depends. I have the 4870, which I would call the big brother of your card. However, they should OC proportionally I would think. I have my cards overclock to 790 MHz on the core clock, and 1050 MHz on the memory. Any higher and I get artifacts.

    This correlates to about a 5.33% OC on the core clock, and about a 16.7% OC on the memory. If you do the same, multiply your core clock by 1.05, and your memory clock by 116 and you should have a good starting point.

    There are several good guides to overclocking cpu's. Google them for a few hours before you start.

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