Raid 1 Mirror to Non-Raid

I have dual hard drives, both 250 gb Raid 1 mirror.

I installed a 500 gb into the secondary hard drive slot and want to run the Hard drives as individual drives to have the full 500 gb capacity.

I read that when you change from Raid 1 to non Raid in windows xp, a blue screen appears that goes to check disk, and is unbootable. May lose data and have to reload windows. I am backing up all data on an external hard drive.

Steps to be Raid Free

Control - I when booting the computer


There are only two options: option 1# RAID 1 Mirror
option 2# Non- Raid for window xp.

Vista has an additional option as to delete RAID, this seems to work ok on that system to remove the mirror hard drives.

Is there any other steps to become RAID Free for windows XP?
Is there any unforeseeable consequences in doing this in XP that anyone has experienced?

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  1. You have to change the drive back to Non-RAID in order to use it. You want to use that drive as individual drives right? Please refer to your motherboard manual for this, their is a option to switched back the RAID drives to Non-RAID. Then you can use the Windows XP or Windows Vista installer disc to format the drive.
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    It depends on your bios. I had a nforce4 (MSI K8N Neo4 Ultra platinum) mobo and all I had to do was go into the bios and disable RAID, then select a boot drive. I can't remember, but I may have had to reboot after disabling the raid so that the bios would then show both drives, then select the boot drive in the bios.
  3. Thanks to the both of you. I am going to refer to my manual first and then diable the RAID hard drives, reboot the system and select the boot drive in the BIOS. This makes allot of sense.

    I am trying to avoid reloading windows, I have allot of purchased after market software, I just do not want to have to reload. I will if I have too. Wish me luck

    Thanks Again,
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