GTX 295 and HDMI to DVI problems

I'm having this problem which has caused me much trouble since I bought a new computer a few days ago. Hope someone around here can shed some light on the issue.

My computer:

CPU - Intel Core i7-920
MB - MB17 Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P
RAM - 6 GB DDR3-1333 Kingston
Graphics - Zotac GTX 295
PSU - Cosair TX 750W

I've connected my computer to a Philips 42PFL7862D 42" LCD TV with a HDMI to DVI cable. I start up Windows just fine, though the desktop looks slightly blurry, but when I load a game, or any other 3D application I get a random loss of signal which results in black flickering. I can't see any consistancy, it appears to be very random.

It works flawlessly on my Iiyana 24" LCD.

I've been Googling the problem for quite awhile, and figured I wasn't the only one having this issue and tried a few possible solutions.

I've tried to delete the PhysX. Both by uninstalling it, and removing the PhysX.exe from the installation directory before installing my nVidia drivers.

I've tried to ignore the EDID info by editing the nv_disp.inf before installing the drivers and using "OverrideEdidFlags0" in the registry and adding my monitor info.

The TV works with my old computer:

CPU - Intel E6850
MB - Asus P5N-E/SLI nForce 650i S-775
RAM - 4 GN DDR PC6400
Graphics - Asus 8800 GT
PSU - Linkworld 580W

So, shouldn't be the HDMI to DVI cable, or anything like that. Also tried updating my graphics drivers in both Vista, and XP. I can't think of anything else to do. I'm starting to think the TV just doesn't work with the GTX 295.
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  1. You are trying to send a supported resolution, correct? I think NVIDIA drivers have a section dedicated to TV output, you might want to take a peak there to make sure everything is in order.
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