Help me overclock my laptop

Hello, i have the basic specifications of my laptop but im wondering how to get to the BIOS screen. I have windows vista btw.
Toshiba Sattelite L305 with 3gb of RAM wiint intel premium dual core processor cpu t3200 @200Ghz 200Ghz. How to I get the other information and how do i look at what graphics card i have
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  1. Hi mstavros and welcome to Tom's forum.

    I don't recommended overclock your laptop for these reasons.

    1- The laptops doesn't comes with good ariflow
    2- CPU laptops are embedded, in other words, if you kill the CPU you kill the laptop.
    3- You will need use software to overclock the laptop, and that's a problem if you don't know how use it.
    4- In a laptop, you will not see a huge improvement with overclock.

    If you still want do it, you can use Set FBS.
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